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About Daylilies

The daylily is a perennial flowering plant which grows from a tuber-like root. Daylilies can be grown outdoors in all regions of the USA, most European countries, Canada, and in many parts of South America.

Daylilies grow in almost any soil. They especially like clay soils because clay is rich in calcium. They also grow very well in sandy soils. Daylilies like plenty of water, an inch a week is ideal for most locations.

Daylilies generally do well in a weed free area with 6 hours of sun exposure a day or more. In tropical or subtropical regions daylilies may require a little less sunshine.

When the daylily stalk, or “scape”, is full with buds, blooms are replaced as they fade and often multiply. 

In the Northern Hemisphere, bloom season usually lasts from sometime in June until  August and extends until frost in some Regions.

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About Daylily Gardens of Floyds Knobs